Hydrogen Technology Manager

[Support the ubiquitous connection of hydrogen station resources, including the three core layers of edge, platform, and application]

Support millions of order sensor access (including third-party sensors). Quick selection and configuration of sensor devices with different protocols/interfaces. Multi-protocol networking solutions (GSM/4G, loT, etc.), adapt to different environments. Provide rich API interface, and quickly integrate with own system. For different scenarios, provide a variety of mature applications to quickly respond to needs.

24H real-time monitoring, rapid alarm when abnormalities are found, giving you all-round security guarantee

Analyze and store data through real-time upload; patrol inspections use standard planned and timed tasks for real-time viewing. For the billing system, use real-time docking of hydrogen refueling machines, hydrogen storage tanks and other equipment to perform intelligent fusion and linkage processing with vehicle data, and integrate hydrogen station information system data