Building Energy Management

[Energy Ecological Visualization Service Plan: Connecting energy, managing energy efficiency, and integrating management and control]

Used to control distributed multiple renewable energy flows, rationally optimize the process of power generation, power distribution, energy transmission, and energy storage using hydrogen energy, electric energy and other energy sources as input sources to integrate with the national grid, through data collection, system monitoring, etc. The technology realizes energy visualization, precise control of a variety of energy sources, reduces carbon emissions while saving electricity costs, and realizes a "zero emission" clean energy electricity consumption model.

Smart Energy Efficiency Management System

Use this platform to quickly grasp the energy consumption situation, easily understand the enterprise energy flow and distribution, make energy use smarter, and improve the energy-saving capacity of the production process

Smart energy efficiencyAPP

Play an important role in energy efficiency management through energy efficiency APP, providing functions such as load monitoring, energy efficiency analysis, energy saving evaluation, and abnormal alarms