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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why focus on hydrogen as a fuel?

    In China there is high demand for new energy transportation solutions like electric vehicles and hydrogen vehicles. The target set by the Chinese government is to have 3 million clean energy vehicles driving by the year 2030. Advantages of hydrogen energy for trucks and busses is the speed of refueling and better mileage (longer distances the vehicles can drive.)

  • Are the fuel cells for sale?

    Production of fuel cells is in hands of our mother company in Shanghai, Re-fire. Re-fire currently offers Canven 3 and Canven 4 systems. Please contact Refire for more information.

  • Who is your fuel cell manufacturer?

    Our fuel cells are manufactured in house by Refire, Suyun's mother company. Ref-re currently manufactures Caven 3 and Caven 4 systems.

  • What languages are available for your software?

    All our applications can be downloaded in Simplified Chinese. Alternatively, English speaking customers should contact support for a localized edition.

  • I have technical problem, who do I email?

    You can find our contact information at the contact page.

  • Is there a free edition of your software?

    No, however a demonstration can be booked via the contact page.

  • Do apps purchased on the App Store require a license?

    No. You just need an account for the specific product you purchased.

  • Can I download mobile apps from here?

    No. They can be obtained exclusively form the App Store.