Servicing the New Energy Automotive Industry

Our solutions are geared towards servicing the New Energy Automotive Industry. We have developed a series of Telematics Control Units, our CloudEngine series. CloudEngine helps connect the car internals to our IoT products. We provide remote monitoring, remote control of vehicles and information for the on-board information display system. CloudEngine can be widely used in vehicle remote monitoring, car sharing, car rental, fleet management, government regulatory compliance, and other Telematics services.

Next to our existing solutions we can help your company build OEM or tailor made solutions and help you using our knowledge of the market. Using a combination of hardware, software and operational services, our team of experts can meet the needs of your company in developing a platform best suited for your specific needs.

Suyun Hydrogen Energy Solutions Overview

Suyun will continue to provide services for the new energy industry, promote the overall development of the industry, and contribute to a professional ecosystem for the new energy automotive industry.

Data Analysis

We collect data from all vehicles and stations. This data is structured and prepared for data mining. This makes the data valuable.

Quality Control Guarantee

We apply Diagnostics to assess Vehicle Quality, provide maintenance, technical support, R&D awareness to increase production quality and After sales Support

Security Strategy

We monitor each vehicle’s condition in real-time. Measuring Energy Consumption and apply Failure Prediction Modeling to be able to deliver an all-round Security and Operational management system.

Station Linkage

We carry out safety supervision for each hydrogen refueling station. Providing smart monitoring of equipment and vehicles. Our solutions enable you to monitor everything that happens at your hydrogen station.