About Us

Who We Are

New Energy & Technological Innovation

SUYUN Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. was established in 2016 and is a New Energy Technology Innovation Company. We are focusing on the research and development of hydrogen vehicle support services and aim to provide the best technical support.
Our New Energy Support Platform integrates software and hardware to support New Energy Vehicles, Hydrogen Refueling stations and Logistics. Together with our partner Re-fire, we jointly develop the market for China's new energy industry.

We believe in a Hydrogen Revolution. Hydrogen-powered cars have a better range and charge faster than traditional battery-powered vehicles. Hydrogen-powered cars can be refueled in as little as three minutes for a 400+ miles radius. To make the Hydrogen experience best, you need modern infrastructure which is where Suyun’s products come in. We make the infrastructure support easy, safe and reliable.

Our History

2016 AUG

SUYUN Technology was established in Shenzhen

2016 DEC

New energy vehicle remote operation monitoring platform was launched

2017 JAN

Established joint laboratories & signed strategic cooperation agreement with Changsha National Supercomputing Center

2017 MAY

Smart Energy Efficiency Management Cloud Platform launched

2017 JUL

Signed Strategic Cooperation Agreement with Beijing Polytechnic

2017 SEP

Timeshare Leasing Cloud Platform

2017 DEC

Opening Ceremony First Hydrogen Fuel Station in Shanghai

2018 JAN

500 Hydrogen Vehicles ready for Operation

2018 MAR

Refueling station digital operation monitoring management platform online

2018 APR

Production of 2,000 additional Hydrogen Vehicles started


  • 2,500 vehicles operational
  • New cooperation with Value Added Strategic Partners