About Us

Who We Are

New Energy & Technological Innovation

SUYUN Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. is a technological innovation organization focusing on the New Energy industry + Internet.  The company focuses on Internet applications related to the new energy industry and provides customers with services such as big data analysis and data mining. We have carefully built a professional, efficient, honest and dedicated technical team to develop a New Energy Vehicle Remote Monitoring and Management Cloud Platform, a Hydrogen Energy Vehicle Safety Management Platform, a New Energy Vehicle Leasing Platform, a Hydrogen Refueling Station Monitoring and Management Platform and a Hydrogen energy-based smart energy management system.

Our History

2016 AUG

SUYUN Technology was established in Shenzhen

2016 DEC

New energy vehicle remote operation monitoring platform was launched

2017 JAN

Established joint laboratories & signed strategic cooperation agreement with Changsha National Supercomputing Center

2017 MAY

Smart Energy Efficiency Management Cloud Platform launched

2017 JUL

Signed Strategic Cooperation Agreement with Beijing Polytechnic

2017 SEP

Timeshare Leasing Cloud Platform

2017 DEC

Opening Ceremony First Hydrogen Fuel Station in Shanghai

2018 JAN

500 Hydrogen Vehicles ready for Operation

2018 MAR

Refueling station digital operation monitoring management platform online